We are RegTech Innovative regulatory, risk, and tax reporting solutions and services

Innovative regulatory, risk, and tax reporting solutions and services We are RegTech

We are a leading globally situated, international provider of innovative regulatory, risk, and tax reporting technology for financial institutions. We offer standard software solutions along the entire Regulatory Value Chain alongside an extensive service package of managed services, implementation consulting, and training seminars. Our products and services are trusted by customers representing 5,000 firms worldwide, including large international banks, a significant portion of the largest European banks, leading insurance companies, and supervisory authorities as well as central banks.

The regulator and the regulated have joined forces and use new technologies to create a new regulatory value chain Austrian reporting factory turns the tables

The way it works is through a buffer company, called Austrian Reporting Services GmbH (AuRep), which is co-owned by seven of the largest Austrian banking groups, representing 90% of the market. AuRep runs on BearingPoint Abacus, a common software platform, which works as the central interface between the banks and the OeNB. This allows cost-sharing of compliance as well as standardization of data collection.

Transforming regulatory reporting environment and bringing banking industry back together UKRep: Semantic Regulatory Reporting Utility

UKRep allows the industry to radically change the way in which it operates; benefitting from huge efficiency gains and allows the cost of regulatory reporting to be shared across the entire industry. UKRep has recently been awarded at FCA TechSprint event for providing a solution which has the biggest potential to move the UK regulatory market forward. UKRep works as the central interface between the banks and the financial regulators, using BearingPoint’s software platform – Abacus – at its core.

Integrated solution for 360° reporting, risk calculation, and controlling regulatory KPIs Abacus360 Banking

Abacus360 Banking stands for a holistic 360° approach that extends far beyond mere reporting. Based on a single data model, this solution integrates a comprehensive functionality for reporting, risk calculations and controlling KPIs. With the new software generation, regulatory processes become fundamentally more transparent, efficient and high-performing. Abacus360 Banking fulfills the BCBS 239 principles for risk data aggregation and reporting.

From a single mortgage loan to the macro-economic perspectives of central banks We serve the entire Regulatory Value Chain

We provide end-to-end support for all of the stakeholders along the Regulatory Value Chain. From a single financial product to an individual organization, from a particular asset class to a market sector, in one country and across borders at the micro and macro level. We serve financial institutions, intermediary regulatory platforms, regulators, and supervisory authorities with our RegTech product line.

Comprehensive solutions and services for the financial industry Our holistic approach: all from a single source

We offer our clients a unique combination of extensive regulatory reporting know-how with a proven, reliable, and future-oriented software solution suite and provide comprehensive services such as software and regulation as a service (RaaS), regulatory factories, implementation consulting, and training seminars. As part of our “regulatory” maintenance service, we provide ongoing updates in line with changing regulations to enable our clients to comply with the authorities’ requirements and comply rapidly with ever-changing requirements.

A trusted and reliable partner for financial institutions Award-winning solutions

The esteemed industry rankings we have been awarded reflect the strength of our portfolio of RegTech products, our continued investment in product innovation, and our leading position in a number of key geographical markets. Our uniqueness lies in the combination of innovative solutions with comprehensive services and our long-term experience in the area of regulatory technology has made us a trusted and reliable partner for all our clients for almost 25 years.

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Our RegTech product line includes innovative RegTech & RiskTech solutions for all players along the Regulatory Value Chain and has been developed in accordance with the ever-changing regulatory requirements. The Abacus Solution Suite as well as our tax reporting solutions have been built with almost 25 years of experience in regulatory reporting and risk calculation, assisting firms around the world to maximize their efficiency.

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BearingPoint is very keen to work together with you to facilitate innovative ways to manage the challenges you may be facing in the area of regulatory reporting, management or analytics.
Send us an e-mail or meet us at key events in the financial industry. We would be happy to demonstrate our regulatory and risk technology solutions and discuss how we can serve to streamline your processes and maximize your efficiency.